Paul’s letter to the Galatians focuses on what matters most for faith and our life as believers. A controversy had arisen because Jewish Christians who believed that all Christians needed to follow the Jewish “marker” laws (circumcision, dietary concerns, etc.) were trying to get gentile Christians to become fully Jewish. Paul forcefully argues that even […]

Contemporary Considerations

Contemporary Considerations Seven months ago, our church began an experimental worship experience in the Fellowship Hall. For lack of another name, it was called The Contemporary Service. This service has taken off quite well, but as with all things in life, perhaps it could use a little tweaking or retooling. So we would like to […]

The Spirit is Moving at DeSoto!

The Spirit is Moving at DeSoto! Recently we received a letter from Matt Sackett thanking our congregation for our generous donations to support his prison ministry at DeSoto. The Holy Spirit is doing great things for and through the men who worship and learn there. Let’s continue to pray for and support Matt and his […]