Paul’s letter to the Galatians focuses on what matters most for faith and our life as believers. A controversy had arisen because Jewish Christians who believed that all Christians needed to follow the Jewish “marker” laws (circumcision, dietary concerns, etc.) were trying to get gentile Christians to become fully Jewish. Paul forcefully argues that even for Jews, these “marker” rules are not for salvation, but part of the older laws from Moses that made Israel a witness to God’s promises.

Galatians is a study in what is important to us as believers: outer signs or internal faithfulness. Further, Paul argues that the true life in Christ is one guided, led and empowered by the Spirit. A life that fulfills all the truly important laws of God: to love and serve others.

We invite you to come along for our exploration of the Letter to the Galatians. Along the way we will also consider the role and purpose of Judaism now and then, and how Paul viewed Judaism after he was a Christian. That may help us consider the relation of external religious practice and internal matters of faith.

We will meet either on Zoom or onsite in the Conference Room on Wednesday nights at 6 pm during the month of May. Any further questions? Contact Pastor Bruce.