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Worship & Music

This team consists of Altar Care and worship and music support. Bell Choir, Worship Band and so much more! There is room for all to share your talents!

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Children and Families

This team focuses on the care, education and nurturing of children and families within the congregation. Groups range from Pre-School to until High School with activities like summer camp, kids night out and VBS.

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Future Directions

This team looks at the future and prepares yearly goals, develops long range planning strategies, identifies church leadership needs, and identifies future needs for the church and Day School.



The Stewardship Ministry Team strives to enrich the lives of our LCC church community through education and information.  We conduct the annual stewardship drive.


Caring Ministries

Our Team includes the Faith Community Nurse, Prayer Chain and Hospital/In-Home Visitation team as well as coordinating many of our community focused service projects and events.

Operational Support

The Operational Support Ministry Team (OSMT) focuses primarily on the maintenance, repairs, and capital improvements needed to sustain our wonderful LCC facilities.

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The church council is the governing body of the church and for general overview of the life and activities of the congregation between congregational meetings. All ministry teams, commissions, committees and task forces needed to fulfill the mission of the congregation.

The whole being of any Christian is faith and love. Faith brings the person to God, love brings the person to people.