Partnering with God

This October we will be focusing on the messages we find in Philippians about our call to be co-workers with God. Paul’s letter to this church is special because in it he is talking with the one church that supported him financially, and whom he considered equal partners in God’s work. What an awesome thing it is to be called to work with God! How can we comprehend it? What does it mean for our purpose and daily life to have Christ actually working through us! We will be exploring these topics as we prepare to rededicate ourselves and our church as followers of Jesus on October 22. These messages out of Philippians will be the basis of our preaching, our teaching and our Stewardship Campaign. On the final Sunday of October 22nd , we will have a
celebratory brunch to commemorate Commitment Sunday.

Being a follower of Jesus means becoming part of Jesus’ story for our lives and our communities. Part of preparing ourselves for another year of service and devotion to our Lord is to consider how we will support God’s story right here at LCC and in our neighboring communities. That’s why our Stewardship Campaign is titled “Keeping Our Story Growing.” We are called into sharing and being part of God’s story and work by giving our time, resources, and talents to participate in the God’s plan for the world. Our preaching will follow the book of Philippians in both the traditional worship and in the contemporary family message series. In addition, for those who wish to get to know this great book and the story behind it, you are invited to join our study and discussions on Wednesday nights throughout October.

Please watch our emails and communications to learn about all the special things that will be happening this October as we focus on being God’s co-workers!