Lloyd Jafvert and Our Iconic Cross

We mourn with Lorna Reed and her family upon the passing of her brother, Lloyd Jafvert. 

Lloyd Raymond Jafvert was born to Raymond and Astrid (Werner) Jafvert on September 19th, 1941, at the Spencer, Iowa hospital and passed away on August 8, 2021 at his home in Albert City, Iowa.

Lloyd led a life devoted to God and his life as an architect reflected his faith as he specialized in church architecture.  Lloyd was the architect and designer for  ‘new’ sanctuary at Lutheran Church of the Cross. Beginning in 1987, Lloyd worked with the building committee to create a master plan to accommodate a growing congregation. The master plan was approved in 1988 and the new building was dedicated in 1990. Our signature cross, altar, lectern and pulpit were designed by him.  The distinctive coral and teal for both inside and outside welcomed the visitors and congregation then as now.

Lloyd received a lot of suggestions and input re: what the cross should be for our sanctuary and so much of that input can be seen.  The Cross shows the triumphant Christ, risen from the dead and ascending into the morning light of heaven;  the skylight allows the rays of the sun to flood the altar area like the Spirit being poured down.  We see the Prince of Peace returning crowned with glory.  We see the very life blood of Christ, shed for us in the crucified Christ who willingly gave His life for us.  The life blood is seen echoed in on the altar where we meet the living Lord  and on the lectErn and pulpit where we hear the LIVING Word of God.

There are seven stained glass  “I AM” windows adorning our narthex.  The other windows in the sanctuary and prayer chapel show God the Creator (with a nod to Florida – look for the flamingo!) and beautiful portrayal of the Trinity who comes to us in Word and Sacrament.  This ‘visual theology’ echoes back to cathedrals and churches across Europe which taught Bible through art.