What Is Church When Fewer Christians Come?

A concern among Christians is what is happening to the church as regular church attendance seems to be not as important to being a Christian.  Some call this change to our society a shift to Post-Christendom: a change where spirituality is individualized and church and church attendance are no longer central to community and faith practice.


The New Testament book 1 Peter was written to early Christians who were facing the question of what it means to be church like we are today.  Peter writes to explain who they are and what their mission and life as the gathered faithful means. 


Pastor Bruce will use 1 Peter’s message as a basis for discussing what if means today to be church when people attend less often, yet we still have a call to be church for each other and the world.  He will include articles and contemporary commentaries on church today for the discussions.


The sessions will be Wednesdays at 6 pm and Thursdays at 1pm, both on site in the Conference Room and on Zoom.  Please come and join as we search for answers together!