Update on Student and Family Ministries Job Opening 

Looking for a replacement for the Director of Student and Family Ministries has proven more challenging that Council and the Pastors thought!  The employment crisis in the general workforce has not skipped us.  We’d like to give you a short update on what we have done so far in the hopes that you may have recommendations. 


The job description we posted was changed little from 2018.  We posted on various social media platforms (like Indeed.com) and a college hiring portal with access to hundreds of colleges. We’ve reached out to the 26 colleges of the ELCA and our local colleges and universities with a revised resume aimed at new graduates. We are also advertising on the ELCA Youth Ministry Network website and working with our synod office and outdoor ministries. Surprisingly, we have yet to receive any promising resumes.  We are reaching out to other denominations and churches in our community to post our job in their communications. 


David Bulluck, our new council member and liaison for Youth and Family, has offered his help and experience to move the process along.  His first suggestion is that we streamline our job description.  We are looking at ways to distinguish our posting from the others that may be out there to attract the attention of potential candidates.  We will be meeting with Families next week to give a more thorough update. 


In the meantime, our pastors are working with Heather McGrath, teacher at our Day School, to keep our programs moving forward.  Heather has been working with our Parents Night Program and is organizing events for you and family in the coming months.  Keep an eye on Cross Currents for scheduled events. 


Please keep us in your prayers and if you have any thoughts or recommendations, please contact Cindy Johnson at 727-688-4668.