Report from LCC’s Medical Missionary Cynthia Kesty

It was an honor and privilege to join 75 others on a vision project to
Macaeo Colombia recently. We came from across Canada and the United States and were joined by 25 Colombian believers and supported by the local church of about 200 believers. We set up in a primary school for the clinic and a private hospital for three operating tables. We saw 4,300 patients, many of whom had not ever sought care for their eyes and had never owned a pair of glasses. 

All were presented with the gospel of Jesus Christ and then moved through 10 stations. Their vision was checked. A refraction was done. They were sent for either glasses, distance or near or both. The final station was the medical consultation. This is where I worked. We screened for diseases and commonly saw glaucoma, diabetes, and cataracts. We did 158 cataract surgeries. We had two pediatric ophthalmologists, and they performed 38 surgeries on crossed eyes in children.
The Lord provided in every way. We saw him work out the details of volunteer opportunities, medical issues, transportation, and accommodation. Miraculously, we had just enough supplies. All supplies were shipped from the United States and Canada. We have a waiting list for cataract surgery of about 200 patients. I am grateful for the prayer support of LCC. We served a very poor community which included the Wayu indigenous tribes and many migrant refugees from Venezuela. We are hoping to return again next year, God willing. Thank you.