Epiphany – Where Do You Find Meaning in Life

There is a meme that perennially goes around which shows a man climbing to the top of a mountain to meet a guru so he can ask him the meaning of life. There are various punchlines, but one of my favorites has the guru saying to the man, “I’ll teach you the meaning of life if you’ll teach me how to climb down a mountain.”

Admittedly we don’t have many mountains here in Florida from which to seek a guru’s advice, and although I know many of us find meaning in our beautiful waterways, still, the question remains. The one that can keep you awake at night. The one you ponder when you get a scary diagnosis. Or when you struggle and struggle and never seem to get beyond what you’re struggling with.

What is the meaning of life? Well, scripture has a lot to say about that, and in our 10:30 Café AWE (Alternative Worship Encounter) service, we’re going to explore that with you. The liturgical season we’re in, Epiphany, is the perfect time to think about how God self-reveals and lights our path toward meaning for our lives. So, from this Sunday through Transfiguration Sunday (February 11), we’ll be considering what Scripture has to say about where we can find meaning for our lives. We’ll delve into finding meaning in baptism and how it secures our identity in God and improves our relationships; finding meaning in purpose, the call that God gives to each of us (not just pastors!); finding meaning in God’s message for your life and the role of the word of God; finding meaning in service, and finding meaning in goals.

We invite you to come and dialog with us as together we listen to what God has to say to us about meaning. Then together, we can climb down that mountain and life in the valley of real life.