Bible Study Fall 2021


How the Bible Reuses and Builds on Itself

As adults we may not think about the old Sunday School stories much.  But they are for more than children because the Bible reuses and expands on stories, concepts, and themes about who God is for us.  We’re going to take a trip back through a few of the well-known Old Testament stories and see why they’re important and how they are important for us as New Testament Christians.  

Though the Bible is made up of books written over centuries in several languages, it interprets and develops its themes in amazing ways.  Please consider coming along as we revisit some old stories and consider what they mean for us today as Christians and how they reveal Christ in our lives.  

Each week we will take one story and follow it through the Bible with time for reflection and discussion.  Each week’s story will be announced ahead of time.  The study will run 10 weeks from September 15 until November 17.  Come any particular week that interests you, or come for the entire journey.  

We will meet Wednesday nights at 7 pm both in-person in the Conference Room at LCC, or online via Zoom with the link below.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Pastor Bruce who will be leading the study.