A Summer Teaser

Thinking that now that Summer is coming in Florida, now is the time to hide inside, crank up the A/C and wait for the winter’s cooler temps to release you again? Think again! Summer is NOT the time to hibernate at LCC! In addition to continuing our usual offerings of two worship services and Monday Morning Bible Study, we will be having several new fun activities that you’ll want to come out for.


First, in both our worship services we will be preaching a topical series that might cause you to think in new ways about some things you’ve maybe taken for granted. We will explore some concepts in a somewhat lighthearted yet informative way during our sermons. More on that in next week’s Cross Currents…


Second, calling all bookworms: The Pastors will be once again hosting a summer book club. Books have not been decided, nor have meeting schedules, so now is the time to contact them with your suggestions! Want to tackle a topic you’ve been wondering about? Want to deepen your walk with Christ? Want to read about cats solving mysteries (well, maybe not THIS one…). Talk to your Pastors! Look for more info for a mid-June start!


Since we are suspending our youth events for the summer, Lori Bell will offer expanded craft opportunities for the kiddos after the Family Worship service. We know this is a popular time for the kids who love to get creative, and it gives their parents a chance to chat with each other and the Pastors more. Also, for families who attend the second service, we’d love to hear from you about some other summer activities you might want to have at the church. We’re thinking movie nights, potlucks, beach outings…who knows? – YOU DO! So tell us what you think!


And as we look forward to next year when we will celebrate our church’s 60th anniversary (time flies when you’re having fun, right?), we will be launching a program to beautify our building. Some of the features of our building are original and thus in need of either replacement or enhancement. Because we are called to be stewards of the building God has given us, this is both an important and exciting opportunity for us. Watch for more info mid-June.


We couldn’t BEAR it if you decided to hibernate this Summer. So put on some shorts if you must, but bring a sweater if you must because our own A/C in the church will be on to keep things comfy, and come join the Summer fun at LCC.