60 for 60

LCC to Hit Milestone

As a church, we like to recognize and celebrate milestone events. We place Bibles in the hands of youngsters when they’re around eight or nine years old. We honor our graduates with handmade quilts. We confirm our young people in the faith when they have completed their two-years of preparation.


So as we approach 2025, in that spirit we are now planning ahead on how to celebrate our church’s 60th anniversary. As you know, celebrating any big event requires preparation, and at LCC, we are no exception to that rule. Just as you might clean your house, put up decorations and consider a special gift, at LCC, we also will be making preparations for our big milestone event, and you can be a part of that!


Now, 60 years is a long time, no doubt about it. If we were talking about a marriage, we’d be shopping for diamonds. Well, we feel we already have a “diamond” right here in our own church, but even the most sparkling of diamonds could do with a bit of polishing sometimes. Hence the preparations.


So in our Temple Talk on Sunday, listen for an exciting new opportunity presented by Denice Higman on how we can prepare to celebrate LCC’s diamond anniversary in style!