Ministry Teams

Where can you get plugged in at L.C.C.?  These ministry teams offer countless ways you can serve God by serving your neighbor, your church family, or your community!  Click on the team leader/s listed below to send them an email if you have any questions or are ready to get started!

Operational Support: Helps to facilitate the day-to-day wellbeing of the church, both financially and physically, through membership, communication, and maintenance.

  • Team Leaders: Cindy Johnson

Youth and Family: Plans and leads programs for all youth, K-12, including trips, service projects and gatherings. Facilitates young family and new couple gatherings.

  • Team Leader: Jo Ellen Sharp

Worship and Music: Leads decision-making regarding all aspects of worship life. Supports music staff and volunteer adult and kids’ choirs. Oversees worship volunteers, seasonal decorating, and coordinating Kids Leading Worship (KLW).

  • Team Leader: Rebecca Kasang/Dave Matthies (Council Liaison)

Spiritual Formation/Growth: Implements biblical education for all ages through regular education, seasonal book studies, vacation Bible school, confirmation,  and first communion. Provides support for teacher instruction.

  • Team Leader: Kate Linde

Future Directions: Prepares yearly goals, develops long range planning strategies, identifies church leadership needs, and establishes future needs for the church and Day School.

  • Team Leader: Rob Kapusta/Jean Kohler (Council Liaison)

Congregational and Community Care:Facilitates community involvement through various city and national organizations. Provides fellowship during church gatherings, coordinates visiting and calling members, and helps integrate new members.

  • Team Leader: Holly Dorton

Stewardship: Communicates the financial climate of LCC and educates members about various ways to give. Sponsors certain fellowship events with the goal of promoting good stewardship.

    • Team Leader: Gill Heagy/Milt Reed (Council Liaison)