What to Expect

  • Expect to be welcomed. God has graciously welcomed us. So, expect to be welcomed with that same grace.
  • Expect us to take our journey of faith seriously, while still being able to laugh with one another
  • Expect to feel a little awkward as you experience a new community and new worship services. That’s normal.
  • Expect to see different ages all worshipping, serving, and growing together. We are a multi-generational congregation, Everyone is welcome to participate in any activity – regardless of age.
  • Expect us to be human and make mistakes – we all make mistakes.
  • Expect us to invite you to serve, just as Jesus invited his friends and companions to join him. Would you like to serve in some way – check out our opportunities to serve page
  • Expect to be changed, because we have a God who lovingly shapes us and invites us to grow. Check out our Growth opportunities links



As We Worship

  • Come as you are to worshipIf you feel like dressing up, dress up. If you feel like being casual, be casual. You will find many different styles of dress at any congregational event. God embraces us all, so we strive to do the same. We don’t pretend to have it all together. We don’t expect you to either.
  • We have a blended style,but one hope for worship: to provide a space and time where people can gather and bring their joys and sorrows, their hopes and fears, their convictions and their questions, to God.
  • We take Holy Baptism seriously. We begin our worship services by remembering our Baptism, confessing our sins, and receiving God’s unconditional promise of forgiveness. Check out our Baptism Statement to learn more.
  • We serve Holy Communion at each service. Our communion policy is simple: Because we believe the Risen Jesus is the host of the meal, everyone is welcome. Jesus is the host, and he invites all to come and receive. If you would like to learn more about Holy Communion, follow this link.
  • We have many worship opportunities and ways to take worship home. Weekly, we meet on Sunday and Wednesdays.  During the holiday seasons, there are many special services. For our schedule, check out our Worship page For those who cannot join us, we have our sermons available here and resources for your home use.