The Lens We Use for Living

It’s popular to speak of the lens through which we view life, but recent thoughts about Jesus’ life story is that it is meant to be a lens even more than an explanation of how we are saved. Though the Cross explains how God reconciles us and saves us, the details of the story are deep so that we can see all of life through who Jesus was.

In our new 10:30 Message Series, we will compare the different lenses, or viewpoints, that the story of the Cross gives us versus the lenses that we often view life through. If the Cross is meant to change the way we live, that change starts with transforming the way we view life. If you see and feel things differently, you tend to act differently.

We all agree that we should be loving, and forgiving, and kind to one another. But what stops us? Frequently there is some competing viewpoint, or lens, that keeps us from being the Jesus- like people God intended.

Each week we will examine a lens, like love, and also look at what competing lenses crowd out that view in our lives. Hopefully we’ll have some good discussions of how we can see life as God intends so we can live life more like our Savior.