Beginning on Wednesday, Sept. 11, LCC is invited to participate in an eleven-week series of conversations that we are calling “Quest.”  We will meet in the sanctuary on Wednesday evenings, Sept. 11-Nov. 20, from 7:00-8:00 pm. Please feel free to join us beforehand for Wednesday night dinners and fellowship from 6:00-6:45 pm.
The dictionary defines “quest” as a journey in search of something special. That’s what we will be doing. The “something special” is God’s will and purpose for the Lutheran Church of the Cross. Through our discussions, reflections and contemplations, we will seek to discern God’s vision for this congregation.  It is a journey that will help us in our readiness for moving formally into a call process, which will ultimately lead to our calling a new pastor to serve LCC.
God calls all of us in baptism to carry out our vocational ministries in daily life… in our homes, workplaces, community, and church! All these connections are so important to us. And as a congregation, these connections are vital to our witness to our faith in Christ Jesus. On our quest together, we will examine the different ways in which we feel God is directing us as God’s people in this place to share Christ and to bring about peace and justice.
Our Quest will also summon us to consider others in our congregation and community who may not be involved in the life of the church at this time. How might LCC lovingly and intentionally embrace others with God’s grace? What changes in our congregational practices and procedures might open this congregation to new directions and new leadership? We are in a time of transition; What is God beckoning us to be about during this “in-between” time? What will best prepare us for receiving a new pastor and welcoming new members into this congregation?