My Resolution For This New Church Year

A Churchmouse Blogs:
It is cold and dreary over most of the US this time of year. Luckily, we live in Florida. But I know many people who are wearing sweatshirts and gloves when they visit the beach. LOL.Sunset gets earlier and the night seems darker. Maybe the cooler air has pushed the clouds away and as I gaze upward, the dark of night seems darker against the bright stars. It is this setting that ushers in the season of the Church known as ADVENT, a kind of darkness before the bright star of Christmas comes and shines into our lives.
Advent is the beginning of a new church year. Maybe we should make New Year’s Resolutions now. Resolutions for our faith life and relationship with God. I will be careful and not make resolutions I can’t keep. So I will keep it simple. My resolution for this new church year is to pray more. If you’d like to join me in praying more, here are ideas for your Advent prayers:
1) You bring HOPE into our world. Help me share that with family and friends
2) Open our hearts and minds to the guidance of Your Holy Spirit, Lord.
3) Heal the emotional wounds we carry with us that keep us from growing
4) Open our eyes to the needs of our neighbors that we can serve them in Your name.
5) Strengthen our relationships with others.
6) In the midst of the hurriedness of the holidays, lead us to PEACE in our lives.
7) Strengthen our resolve to pursue justice for all Your people.
8) Grant us clarity of thought so that can communicate Your Word.
9) Teach me to praise You first and thank You for Your many gifts
10) May we see Your grace daily and offer thanks for this most undeserved gift.
11) Help us put aside worry so that focus on the things we can change.
12) Inspire me to open the Bible and read Your words which speak to all people at all times.
13) Let me feel JOY and reflect it to others.
14) Inspire us all to make our homes and churches welcoming and nurturing.
15) Curb my fears and replace them with Your boundless love
16) Give me boldness to speak Your truth
17) Teach me to be patient with myself and others
18) Help me find quiet to spend with you in prayer during the busy-ness of the holidays
19) Help to always see others with the eyes of LOVE
20) Give me a grateful heart, a hope-filled attitude and willingness to go where You lead
21) Let the wonder of the Christ-child dominate my celebrations this season

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  1. Mike Moore says:

    My struggle is slowing down and listening. This is a great reminder!

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