Mid-Lent Check In

We’re just about in the middle of Lent now, so perhaps it’s a good time to do a check-in to see how you’re making the most of this time of re-igniting your spiritual life.

Did you decide to give up something for Lent? Was it something you enjoy, like perhaps chocolate or pizza? If so, what are you doing when a craving strikes? Some folks like to say a prayer when they’re tempted to give in. Others might consider donating the amount you might have spent on that pizza to a worthy cause.

Or did you decide to give up a bad habit for Lent? Hopefully you are finding this life-giving. This kind of fasting during Lent can become a healthy life change if you can allow it. A more recent practice has been to add something to what you’re doing, rather than deny yourself something. For those who have decided to add something, what have you chosen to do? Your pastors would love to hear about it! Perhaps it’s adding a devotional time each day. Or maybe it’s volunteering somewhere. Or doing a random act of kindness.

Another thing you might do to add to your appreciation for Lent is to join us for our Wednesday evening programming. We start with a delicious homemade soup supper served from 5:30 – 6:30 in Fellowship Hall. This is followed by a short worship service at 6:30. The evening rounds up with a study of Adam Hamilton’s Peter: Flawed but Faithful Disciple in the Conference Room from 7:00 – 8:00. All are welcome, and we have a few books left if you’d like one to purchase.

Whatever you do or don’t do, the purpose of Lent is to consider where you are in your discipleship and consider ways you might deepen your relationship with Jesus. Lent isn’t meant to be a season you dread – rather, it’s a gift from the church, a time when you are given permission to set aside time and just BE with God. So whatever you’re doing or not doing to help you be with God, keep up the good work!

We’re almost over the hump, folks, and the joy of Easter is on the horizon. But to get to that joy, we must walk in the twilight with Christ through the rest of Lent and into Holy Week. May God bless us on our journey together.