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Lutheran Church of the Cross Orientation for New Members

  • What does Membership involve?…Well, that is an interesting concept for churches today. Here at Lutheran Church of the Cross, we realize that there are no ‘requirements’ to be a part of God’s family. Jesus asked people to ‘Come and Follow’ and those people learned more along the way. 

We operate in much the same way!

We take our lead from Jesus and say “come and follow Jesus”.  People are invited to commit to follow Jesus together on this journey. 

Together, we will worship our loving God.  Together, we will grow in our knowledge about God, creation, Jesus, service, etc… Together, we will share God’s love with our neighbor – through both our words and our actions. 

  • What is the Orientation? The “Orientation” is just that…an orientation to Lutheran Church of the Cross. We will discuss our history, our vision, our understanding of God’s call of us and how we hope to carry that mission out. We will help you discover ways to grow in your relationships with God and God’s people in this place.
  • So, why should you become a member?  By joining this church, you are making a commitment to walk alongside the other members of this church as we Worship God, Grow in faith, and Share God’s Love together.  The church community you see today began because many committed families came together, sacrificed their time and money, and worked to build this ministry that touches hundreds of lives each year. God is working through this ministry to change lives.
  • Do I have to be Lutheran to join Lutheran Church of the Cross?

No, you do not have to be Lutheran. Everyone who has a desire to know more about following Jesus is welcome here.  

  • Does LCC belong to a particular denomination?

Yes, LCC belongs to the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America).

  • How do I begin the process?
    • Contact the Front Office at or call 727-525-8364.
    • Sign up BELOW by filling out a New Member Form
  • Please know that you do not have to be a “member” to participate in any of the activities LCC has to offer.  LCC’s activities and events, teams and ministries are open to any person, regardless of age or background.    
  • If you have questions or would like more information please contact us,  



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