Lent Book Study

Lenten Book Study Spring 2022

24 Hours That Changed the World

            Adam Hamilton’s book takes an in-depth look at the last hours of our Savior on earth.  He combines the biblical story from the four gospels with historical information and spiritual insight.  But more importantly, his keen pastoral sense focuses on what Jesus’ actions in those key moments means for our faith.  His chapters always pause to reflect on how this story touches our lives.

            Each session will also include a short video where Hamilton will take us to the key Jerusalem sites where these events may have occurred to help them feel real and personal.  Reading the book is not essential to participation in this study.  Everyone is invited to just come for the video and the discussion of these well-known events of Jesus’ Passion.

            The book is available in the office for a $9 suggested donation.  The eBook version is available from online retailers.  Large print can be ordered.

            Here is the schedule for the chapters of our study during Lent:

            March 7 & 9 :Introduction & Chapter 1:  The Last Supper

            March 14 & 16 : Chapter 2:  The Garden of Gethsemane

            March 21 & 23 : Chapter 3 & 4:  Condemned by the Righteous, and Pilate

            March 28 & 30 :Chapter 5 :The Torture and Humiliation of the King

            April 4 & 6 :Chapter 6:  The Crucifixion

            April 11: Chapter 7:  Christ the Victor