LCC Driving Meals on Wheels

Eleven individuals from LCC in 6 teams take care of deliveries on one Route every Thursday, year round, for the Neighborly Network meals distribution center located at Crystal Lakes Manor on 62nd Ave N in Pinellas Park. LCC has been involved for more than 12 years in this vital ministry to shut ins who may otherwise have no meal.

We serve gladly, but most recently, sadly. Our route, along with almost twenty others, has been cut back because of lack of funds. In fact, administrators tell us that a drop in funding has led to a huge increase in the number of elderly disabled or needy clients who are not being served. The waiting list for those seeking Meals on Wheels service in Pinellas is now over 1300. Federal, state and local funders have not kept up with this growing need.

We thank our LCC members who given so much of their time over the years and their financial commitment to this community outreach.