How many hands and meetings and minds and input does it take to make a unique Pentecost experience for this Sunday at LCC?  Answer: at least 4 ministry teams, over two dozen volunteers and a few months of planning.


When it was obvious that we would have to wait for next year to restart VBS after COVID, our Children’s Education Team and Worship & Music Team agreed that we wanted to offer something that was special for families and kids of all ages.  It was decided to try an experimental intergenerational worship that would incorporate some of the elements of a VBS, but obviously not be anything like it.  We wanted to have crafts and games.  We wanted to have the kids act out scriptures along with the storytelling.  We wanted to have a wide variety of music and have an opportunity for the young to be involved in music making themselves.  We wanted to have something for young hands and minds all during the service without removing them to a different room.


We quickly realized that the sanctuary was not the best place for such a worship experience. So we began thinking about what would be required to move everything to the Fellowship Hall so we could start with service and then just continue with lunch and the birthday party.  This involves moving musicians, sound equipment and everything we need to livestream.  It involved Operational Support helping with setting up the physical space.  It came with Caring Ministries offering to help put on the lunch.  It involved Children’s Ed coming up with crafts and games that can be done at tables.  It involved flowers and decorations.  It meant figuring out games for outdoor play following the service.  And finally, a custom-made Holy Spirit-flame pinata and balloons to be inflated on Sunday morning.


It is inspiring to see how many people’s imagination and work have gone into the preparation for this special Sunday.  We hope you can come.  But please, whether you’re joining online or coming in person or even are busy—please pass the word.  Pentecost is the birthday of the church, and a lot of hands have gone into planning a very special celebration this Sunday here at LCC!