Facility Guidlines


LCC Facilities Use Fees – Availability is during normal hours (8am – 10pm)

Charges for facilities usage will be consistent with these guidelines, unless alternate arrangements have been made.

• Sanctuary See fee schedule for weddings
• Fellowship Hall See fee schedule for weddings
• Coffee Service/Patio Area $50 per hour
• Conference Room $50 per hour
• Library $25 per hour
• Chapel $25 per hour

Additional fees may be charged for:
• Custodial services relating to room set-ups, break-downs, special cleaning needs, etc.
• Extra usage of utilities
• Musical and/or AV services
• Usage beyond normal working hours

There will be no fees charged for church or school programs, or related activities. However, any related activities that include monetary assessments for attendees will be charged for facilities usage consistent with these guidelines, unless alternate arrangements have been made.
Sanctuary and/or Fellowship Hall use requires a refundable security deposit of $250; use of other facilities may also require a refundable security deposit.

Room Reservation Requests
a) All room reservation requests are made through the church administrative assistant.
b) Reservations will be handled on a first come basis (other than regularly scheduled meetings).
c) Persons requesting usage must submit a Facilities Request Form, which must be approved by Pastor, President, Vice President or Operations Support Ministry Team.
d) Persons requesting usage of facilities for weddings, baptisms or funerals must consult with Pastor.

Technical/Music Request
a) Music Director or Pastor must approve use of any church musical equipment,
sound equipment and/or audio visual equipment.
b) The use of AV equipment in the sanctuary can only be done with the supervision of LCC-trained individuals.

Kitchen Usage
a) Usage of kitchen facilities is available if a church member, staff member, or approved alternate is present.
b) Person/s requesting usage of kitchen must leave kitchen in original order or they may forfeit all or part of their security deposit. (See Section no. 7 for Security Deposit).

General Guidelines
a) The person responsible for the group, or a pre-arranged alternate, must be
b) Times for usage of facility must be adhered to (others may have the facilities
c) Areas used must be cleaned up at the conclusion of the activity.
d) Smoking is permitted only in designated areas outside of church buildings, with no smoking within buildings.
e) No alcoholic beverages allowed on the premises.
f) Personal use of office equipment is not allowed.
g) Tables, chairs and other equipment are restricted to usage on church premises, school premises, loan to other churches or for church or school related activities off premises. Any other type usage of LCC equipment requires approval of the Pastor or Operations Support Ministry Team Leader.
h) Any use of LCC facilities not specified herein requires approval of the Pastor or Operations Support Ministry Team Leader.
i) Failure to comply with these guidelines could result in the loss of use of the LCC facility.
j) The Sanctuary is a place of worship and shall not be used for entertainment purposes other than for church or school activities, plays or musicals.
k) All events require a renewal of approval each calendar year and a new Facility Use Request Form must be submitted and approved.

Fee Schedule for Weddings and Other Celebrations at Lutheran Church of the Cross
(For church members, there are no wedding/celebration fees for facility usage, although custodian fees and a refundable security deposit are still required.)

Facility use fees for non-members:
Non-Refundable Reservation Deposit: $50
Worship area: $300
Fellowship Hall w/out Kitchen: Attendees Rate 4 hours Add’l hour
Under 25 $100 $25
25 – 50 $200 $50
51 – 100 $300 $75
101 – 200 $400 $100
For kitchen use, add $100 to the 4-hour rates above. 200 attendees, maximum.

Other Fees:
Custodian: $150 / $300 with reception
(Includes opening/closing building, cleaning before and after wedding)
A refundable security deposit of $250 is required for the use of the Sanctuary, Fellowship Hall, and/or kitchen.
Suggested Professional Staff Honoraria:
Pastor: $300
(Includes pre-marriage counseling, rehearsal, and officiating at ceremony)
Organist: $175 w/o rehearsal / $250 with rehearsal
(Includes meeting with couple about music. Practice with soloist $50 per hour, playing at the wedding)
Soloist and Instrumentalists are to be provided by couple and fees are negotiated directly with them.
Rehearsal: Please be on time and bring the following items to the rehearsal:
1) License
2) Unity candle
3) Fees and appropriate checks
4) Wedding bulletins, if not being printed at LCC
For any off-site wedding requests for Pastor and/or Organist, the fee schedule is to be negotiated with the requested people.
All anticipated fees are payable at the time of the event registration.