Encountering Jesus Bible Study 2022

ENCOUNTERING JESUS: One on One Stories from John’s Gospel     

John’s gospel often uses encounters of people with Jesus as the foundation for Jesus’ message.  These replace the parables and straightforward preaching episodes in the other gospels.  The gospel of John thus has a more personal tone as it focuses on dialogues between Jesus and those he meets. 

In our Epiphany study in January and February, Pastor Bruce will focus on the different one-on- one encounters that we find in the Gospel of John.  Each week we will discuss how Jesus encounters people who come from different contexts and how Jesus meets their needs.  We will look at how we ourselves encounter our Lord in similar circumstances.

Our group will meet every Wednesday night at 7:00 both on Zoom and in the Conference Room.

Here is a break-down of the weekly topics:

            Jan. 19             Encountering Jesus in Seeking

            Jan. 26             Encountering Jesus in Doubt

            Feb. 2              Encountering Jesus in Loneliness

            Feb. 9              Encountering Jesus in Healing

            Feb. 16            Encountering Jesus in Fighting God

            Feb. 23            Encountering Jesus in Grief