Journey Through Bethlehem 2023

Before there was a Christmas, there was the journey of a young couple. Before there were presents under a tree, there was a young wife about to give birth to her first son, who would be the greatest gift of all. In our rush to celebrate Jesus’ birth, Journey Through Bethlehem gives us the opportunity […]

Ready for Christmas – Ready for Life

While we’re all busy getting ready for the holidays, there is an organization that throughout the year is working to get young people Ready for Life. Ready for Life Pinellas (RFL) assists young adults as they make the challenging transition from foster care to adulthood, preventing homelessness and helping them achieve their goals. According to […]

Thankfullness Event

From cornucopia trail mix holders to turkeys with tissue paper wings, our elementary aged friends had fun and learned the importance of thanking God at our recent Fall Thankfullness event. Student and Family Coordinator Lori Bell and her assistant Dani Mishall engaged the kiddos in several fun activities, including a candy corn relay race, making […]

55+ Lunch Bunch

Here’s the story, of a bunch of lovely ladiesWho came for lunch one day on HalloweenThey were joined by handsome gentlemenAnd enjoyed the finest lunch you’ve ever seen.The 55+ Bunch, the 55+ Bunch Thanks June McSorley for starting the 55+ Lunch Bunch!Okay, now that I’ve put that old tv show theme song in your head, […]

Trunk or Treat – The Tradition Returns!

Hundreds of happy children and their parents enjoyed a spooktacular time at our Trunk or Treat last Wednesday evening. There were 18 trunks where the kiddos got to fill up on candy, and then head up to the coffee patio for pumpkin decorating, glowsticks and snacks. Then they headed over to the photo booth where […]

Growing Our Story Through Fellowship

During our stewardship campaign, we’ve talked about growing our story, and we’ve enjoyed the image of the tree of faith with us as the branches and leaves. I think this is a wonderful image to have in mind when we think about what holds us together: our time spent together. Used to be, we’d have […]

Growing With A New Approach to Worship

In a rapidly changing world, we are growing together by expanding our worship to reflect the diverse needs and preferences of our community. While traditional services continue to hold a special place in the hearts of many, and we will continue to honor this by offering that type of worship, we sensed a need for […]

Growing Our Story

How do you grow a church? One story at a time. Now of course I don’t mean a multi-floored building, (although we’d love to grow our numbers so much that we’d need that). Rather, I mean that as more and more people come and share the stories of their walk of faith, our church as […]

Partnering with God

This October we will be focusing on the messages we find in Philippians about our call to be co-workers with God. Paul’s letter to this church is special because in it he is talking with the one church that supported him financially, and whom he considered equal partners in God’s work. What an awesome thing […]


Trunk or Treat Returns as Joint Event for Church and Day School We are excited that we will be having a joint event hosted by our LCC Day School and the church on Oct. 25th, Wednesday. Many have asked when we could do a Halloween activity again and had missed former Fall events that the […]