All Saints Sunday, November 7th

All Saints Sunday

Each All Saints Sunday we celebrate that we are gathering with all the saints in heaven. We will especially name and honor those who have passed from our congregation this past year. But we also are planning something new to remind us that we worship with all those we miss from our past. We will decorate the walls of our sanctuary this All Saints Sunday (Nov 7) with pictures of people we have known that have gone on to our Lord. We invite you to be involved by dropping off an 8x10 photocopy (just regular paper is fine) of anyone you would like to remember in service. We are not asking for high-quality photos, just a picture enlarged and printed as a copy on regular paper will do. If don't have access to a copier, you may drop off a picture to the office and we will copy and enlarge it for use. If you can only copy but not enlarge, we will make an enlargement. We will return original photos but wish to keep all copies so we can create an expanding library of pictures of the saints that will grow every year. We invite you to drop off several so we can fill the walls up. They don't have to have been members, just someone that you wish to honor. Please help us make All Saints extra special this year!