55+ Lunch Bunch

Here’s the story, of a bunch of lovely ladies
Who came for lunch one day on Halloween
They were joined by handsome gentlemen
And enjoyed the finest lunch you’ve ever seen.
The 55+ Bunch, the 55+ Bunch

Thanks June McSorley for starting the 55+ Lunch Bunch!
Okay, now that I’ve put that old tv show theme song in your head, with a nod to Paul Harvey, let’s hear “the rest of the story.” About 30 folks “of a certain age” got together for the inaugural 55+ Lunch Bunch meal on Halloween, and they had a spooktacular time.

June organized the event and provided the hot dogs, and the rest was a potluck medley of potato salads, baked beans, chili and lots of other sides. Not to mention the desserts! Okay, so let’s mention the desserts: “To Die For Cake with Coconut Frosting” (Pastor Lisa’s personal fave, and yes, she named it that), as well as brownies, cookies and more.

This is the start of what we hope will be perhaps monthly events. It’s so nice to take some time out of our busy schedules and spend time with each other over a good meal. If anyone else would like to participate by helping June with organizing or providing food, she’d love to talk with you. Watch for future 55+ Lunch Bunch events, and in the meantime, enjoy these pictures.