As you begin planning your wedding at Lutheran Church of the Cross …….

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  This is an exciting time for you and we are pleased that you have decided to take this important step through the church.  As you begin your preparation for marriage, we want to provide you with our understanding of Christian marriage.

At Lutheran Church of the Cross we hope that you are planning not only for your wedding but also, more importantly, for your marriage.  Of course your wedding day is very important.  But the wedding ceremony lasts less than an hour, while your marriage is intended to last a lifetime.  Accordingly, the commitment of Christian marriage presumes that the couple is actively pursuing a life of faith, and that they desire to grow together in their union with God.  At Lutheran Church of the Cross this means that couples preparing for marriage are expected to attend worship services regularly and to share in the life of the church.

Premarital preparation is really in your best interest.  When researchers examined characteristics of happy couples that had been married for more than two decades, one of the most important qualities they found was faith in God and spiritual commitment.  Regular worship and prayer together, both before and after your wedding, can do much to make your marriage fulfilling and vital.  And that is our goal at Lutheran Church of the Cross:  We want your relationship to reflect the abundant life that Jesus Christ promises to us all.

Additional research has shown that churchgoers feel better about their marriages than those who do not attend worship, and that couples who attend church together are much more likely to be partners for life.  Shared worship is a time of rest and renewal in your relationship.  In addition, we strive at Lutheran Church of the Cross Church to make worship an opportunity for social support and spiritual refueling.  Singing hymns, learning from Scripture, worshipping God, sharing Holy Communion, and meeting with friends who share your spiritual quest are all comforting and inspiring activities.  Worshipping together strengthens marriage and makes the week ahead more meaningful.

For all these reasons we ask that you make a commitment as a couple to worship with us regularly if you reside locally.  If you live in another area, we can help you find a church home close to you.

Information on LCC’s wedding policies, facility use, and personnel fees.