LCC Faith Community Nurse

Here you can find health information provided by LCC’s Faith Community Nurse, Rita Sewell.

Zika Information FAQs from the Florida Department of Health

Updated information from the Florida DOH on Zika (as of August 25, 2016)

    • Due to confidentially issues, we will not be divulging private information about this index case – but the index has not been to areas of ongoing transmission
    • One case alone does not indicate active transmission
  • Here in Pinellas, we are aggressive with our interventions.
  • DOH-Pinellas has a strong partnership with Pinellas County Mosquito Control and they continue to have an aggressive approach on mitigation.
    • When notified of a Person Under Investigation (PUI) they respond within hours to the vicinity and perform source reduction techniques, education/outreach to residents in the vicinity, and spraying when needed.
  • Pinellas has seen other mosquito-borne illnesses in the past such as WNV.  While we had a few cases, we did not see a wide-spread outbreak, largely due to our good public health infrastructure, which provides testing and surveillance, and mosquito control efforts.
  • Moving forward, we plan to heighten surveillance efforts around the area of the index cases’ residence.
  • The DOH will also work with the person’s place of employment to conduct additional testing.
  • We are offering Zika testing to any pregnant woman at no-cost at 5 of our sites: St. Petersburg, Pinellas Park, Mid-County, Clearwater, and Tarpon Springs.
  • At our sites, pregnant women can receive Zika prevention kits (repellent, larvicide dunks, permethrin, and condoms).
  • We will continue to provide information to the medical community – updating them on guidelines, businesses, schools, homeless shelters, and those that travel abroad.
  • The DOH-Pinellas has held community meetings, table top exercises, and participated with Mosquito Control on two open house events.
  • Most importantly, reiterating our cover and drain message.  We would have close to a million more hands in our fight against Zika if everyone practiced Cover and Drain.
  • Cover your skin with EPA-approved mosquito repellent, wears long sleeve and long pants.
  • Cover your homes.  Keep your doors closed and repair screen doors and screen windows to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home
  • Drain any standing water.  This is where the mosquitoes breed.  So anything in your yard from tires, kiddie pools, bird baths, pet food bowls….

Thank you for your interest in public health.