Care Team

A new team is being formed to assist members with transitions, celebrations and those times where a little help is needed.  This team will be known as the:
Congregational Care Team


Our Mission is to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our congregational members and their closely affiliated friends and family who need us or would like us to help during a transitional time in their lives.

Our goal is to make connecting with us easier so we are forming a core of team of “First Responders.” We will be your first contact and we will help connect you with the right person, the right team or the right resource to assist you.

Pending our official rollout, you will be able to reach us by calling the office or emailing us at  At present, this team consists of Judith Bunker, Rita Sewell and Cindy Johnson with support from Pastor Will.  Let us know if you’d like to join us!

Our team includes the Faith Community Nurse, Prayer Chain and Hospital/In-Home Visitation team. We will also be available to assist you in baptism, wedding or funeral planning or becoming a member of our church.  We are also identifying those members who need assistance with transportation to church or would like to have communion brought to them if home-bound.

Some of these ministries are already in place but you may not know how to access them.  For example, our Faith Community Nurse is Rita Sewell, who provides monthly blood pressure screening here at the church.  But did you know that she is able to assist hospitalized members transition from hospital to home?  We have provided assistance with meals and convalescence.

We are blessed with many talented and caring individuals who are willing to help their LCC family.  Sometimes it’s difficult to identify just who to contact when a question or need arises.  We hope you will call the Care Team and let us help you.  And even more than that, if you would like to be one of the caring individuals who help in times with a meal, with a visit, with prayers, or in other ways, please contact the First Responders and let them know you are a resource!  You can be God’s hands and heart right here in our congregation.