Milestone Celebrations

Holy Communion Instruction

It is the practice and policy at LCC to welcome people of any age to the Table of Holy Communion.  We believe the gift of grace and forgiveness given to us through the body and blood of Christ is for all people, growing out of God’s promises to us in Holy Baptism.  We welcome children to begin receiving Holy Communion whenever they and their parents feel they are ready.  The pastor is always available for conversation with children and/or parents who have questions about Holy Communion.

Twice a year, LCC offers specific instruction about Holy Communion for children and their parents.  This class is geared towards students in grades 3-4, because we feel that by this time, a child is ready to either begin taking Holy Communion or to reflect on their practice of Holy Communion in an intentional way.  However, younger students (grade 1+) whose parents feel like they are ready for the instruction and able to manage the class, are welcome to attend.  A parent or other adult is expected to attend each session with their child.

For those who are already taking Holy Communion, this series of classes helps deepen the meaning and understanding of the sacraments, especially Holy Communion. For those who are waiting to take Holy Communion, this series of classes provides helpful groundwork and explanation of the sacrament.  Holy Communion recognition during worship following these classes, then, provides an opportunity for the congregation to celebrate with the participants the growth of faith and understanding resulting from intentional instruction.

The next series of Holy Communion Instruction classes will be offered on Sundays from 10:45-12:00 on March 19, 26 and April 2. Recognition of Holy Communion Instruction will be during the Maundy Thursday service on Thursday, April 13.  To register please contact Sr. Michelle (


Presentation of Bibles

For children in grades 1-2, a special “Bible Blitz” event is held each spring to introduce children and their parents to the Bible.  This event includes teaching, games and learning around the Bible–its history, its use, and its application to daily life.  Following the Bible Blitz, students are presented with a Bible as a gift from the congregation during worship.

The next Bible Blitz date is Sunday, January 29, from 10:45-noon.  A parent or adult is expected to attend with each student.  To participate in this Bible Blitz, please email Sr. Michelle Collins ( by January 15, 2017.