Curious?  Want to explore?  Looking for an opportunity to connect or to dive deeper into your knowledge of God?  You will find a wide range of opportunities and resources here.  These classes, individual studies and resources have been selected to meet the needs expressed by our community.
If you can’t find what you need, write to and we will try to find something that meets your needs.

Exploring Faith 

“Choices” meets at 8:45 SundayMornings in the Lobby Chapel, led by Pastor Jerry 

An informal ‘user friendly’ discussion. Don’t worry if you haven’t opened a Bible. No question off limits. No pretenses. Honest discussion on how scripture helps us consider the choices we encounter in life.

For information, contact Pastor Jerry or 



Bible and Brew meets at 6:45 PM on Third Thursdays at Flying Boat Brewery, led by Zach Grimmig  

Simple: We have Bible Study while enjoying a good beer. Our desire is to create a safe place where people can encounter the love of Jesus, free from judgment while enjoying a good beer and each other’s company!


For information, contact Zach Grimmig  
 or 727-253-7170  

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Opening Scripture 

Layperson Led Lectionary Study meets Mondays, 9:30 – 11:00 AM In the Conference Room 

We begin with Bible readings from the Sunday worship. Using the Daily Discipleship study guide, we explore the message in a caring, supportive environment. You don’t have to attend every week. You are always welcome.


For information, contact Lynn Cropper
727-521-2258 or 


Old Testament Survey meets 6:00 pm Wednesday evenings in the Lobby Chapel with Pastor Will

Learn how the Old Testament came to be, its context and why it matters. This is for those who want to get to know what’s in the scriptures in more than a superficial way. Self study video lectures from Yale and The Bible Project will be used.


For information, contact Pastor Will
727-525-8364 or 


Applying Faith 
Faith Application in the Family Discussion meets 

8:45 to 9:25 Sunday mornings in the Library, led by Anne Anderson

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Applying the Lesson:  meets 6:00 to 6:45 Wednesday evenings in the Conference Room, led by Faith Womack 

Beginning with the scripture for the week, we look at current events and real questions on faith. Through faithful reflection, seek to discover a deeper faith. Answers aren’t handed down, they are sought out by the participants. Join us for an exciting ride.

For information, contact Faith  Womack
850-502-6985 or  


An Introduction to the Four Gospels:  meets at 7:15 Wednesday evenings in the conference room, led by Pastor Will

The class will use the book written by Mark Allan Powell introducing the gospels. The material will serve as a nice introduction to each of the Gospels, exploring their inter-relationships and individual contributions.

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For information, contact Pastor Will
727-525-8364 or 

Nosh and Learn: Topics on Life, Health & Faith Second Saturdays  9:00 – 11:30in the Conference Room, facilitated by Rita Sewell   

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or  727-521-7505  
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